Rules of library use

Rules of library use of Kazakh national agrarian research university

1.General statements

1.1 The present provision of using the library of Kazakh national agricultural research university (further  named KAZNARU) is made according to Standard position of the organization of the higher education approved by the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan of August 17, 2000.

1.2 The library is the leading structural division providing with educational, informative literature and information teaching and educational and scientific and pedagogical processes.

1.3 The library of university gives opportunity of equal use of its fund and services to all readers without restriction on education level and specialty, irrespective of a nationality, political convictions, beliefs.

1.4 The fund of library of university is property of RK and is under protection of the state.

1.5 The present Provision governs the relations between library and readers, and also service of readers, rules of safety of fund, the right and an obligation of library and readers.

1.6 Use of library is free. 

  1. Fundamental obligations

2.1 The library helps with training of specialists of high level, having  organization abilities in the economic sphere, in the sphere of the new technologies which are actively participating in public life of university. 

  1. General instructions for use

3.1 The right of use of library is granted to students of university, undergraduates and PhD to doctoral candidates, PPS and research associates.

3.2 Readers have the right to receive textbooks and other materials on the house, and also to order other materials by certain rules, to x-copy, use bibliographic, reference – information and library materials and other technical means.

3.3 Books are given to home at  subscriptions. The last or single copy do not given. 

  1. Signing up of readers in library

4.1 To first-year students are given the library card in September, the card of the reader and the reader’s form are filled in.

4.2 The teaching staff, research associates staff of university, graduate students and other readers  register to the library on the basis of providing the identity card (or other identification paper) and references from place of working.

4.3 For registering to the scientific library it is necessary to have in it’s own: students -2 photos and the identity card, employees – 2 photos and the reference from personnel department.Singular personnel department
Plural personnel departments

The reader has to study instructions for use library and confirm acquaintance with them with the signature in the reader’s form at registering to the library.

4.4 Annually readers pass a re-registration, prolonging terms of use of books for a certain time. The readers who didn’t pass a re-registration aren’t served by library.

4.5 Upon termination of study, at  assignment and dismissal readers are obliged to hand over all books.

4.6 When obtaining books and other printing editions the reader has to check attentively them for existence of defects, at their detection to inform of it the librarian. Otherwise at return responsibility is born by the last reader who took the book.

4.7 The readers who lost the books which violated rules or caused damage to library are brought to administrative, material or criminal responsibility according to Position of university and Instructions for use by library. At damage and loss of literature the reader has to replace the book with just the same edition or equivalent. Otherwise he pays market value. Terms of returning  of lost or damaged books are determined by the director of library. 

  1. Instructions for use subscription

5.1 The right of use of subscriptions is granted to students, undergraduates and PhD to the doctoral candidates who are trained at university and the staff of university.

5.2 Books are issued on the basis of the reader’s form at this subscription. 

  1. Instructions for use reading rooms

6.1 Readers have the right to be served in a scientific reading room, a reading room of periodicals, an electronic reading room, a reading room.

6.2 For use of reading rooms students and employees show to the librarian the library card.

6.3 About scientifically — research work use rare books, abstracts of theses, theses, reports only within the walls of a scientific reading room.

6.4 Theses aren’t issued for photocopying, it is only allowed to copy introduction, five sheets of work, the conclusion and the list of the used literature.

6.5 Readers can take out books and periodicals from a reading room only for photocopying with the permission of the librarian.

6.6 Reference books, encyclopedias and valuable editions from reading rooms aren’t issued for photocopying.

6.7 When using of the electronic catalog the list of references can be received by means of a flash card, CD and DVD — disks. 

  1. Rights of readers

7.1 Readers of library have the right to choose departments of requirements and will.

7.2 Readers have the right to be served in the state, Russian and foreign languages.

7.3 Readers have the right to use below the listed services:

7.4 To receive information on editions from fund.

7.5 To receive information on instructions for use catalogs, card files.

7.6 To receive literature from fund of library for temporary use.

7.7 To use services of the traditional catalog and electronic search of literature.

7.8 To get acquainted with an exhibition of new receipts.

7.9 To use documents on electronic media only in reading rooms. Electronic textbooks aren’t issued for

the home.

  1. Duties and responsibility of readers

8.1 Readers are obliged to follow instructions for use library.

8.2 To the books taken in library, readers have to make thrifty use, return them in due time, without the permission of the librarian not to take out the edition from fund of reading rooms. It isn’t allowed to emphasize the text, to do marks in books, to bend pages, to pull out cards from catalog boxes.

8.3 For receiving literature in departments of library the reader is obliged to show the library card. In the book form of each edition the reader has to write down date of day of a capture, a surname, initials, specialty and group.

8.4 During the obtaining the book and detection of defects the reader has to report about it to the librarian. The librarian has to make the corresponding mark.

8.5 The readers who are violating rules and caused damage lose a right of use of library, and according to Rules are made responsible.

8.6 Annually the reader has to pass a re-registration in subscriptions and reading rooms. The readers who didn’t pass a re-registration aren’t served by library. At a re-registration the reader has to pay off with debts, prolong the term of the books taken earlier. The readers who didn’t pay off with debts can’t use library. The library sends unresolved questions on reader’s debts to dean’s office or in a work place.

8.7 In reading rooms it is necessary to keep quiet, an order and to submit to regulations.


8.8.1 To enter into library in outerwear.

8.8.2 To break silence and an order in departments of library.

8.8.3 To use mobile phones in departments of library.

8.8.4 To take out editions without permission and check of library workers and the literature which isn’t noted by the reader.

8.8.5 To do harm to editions of library: to do marks on book editions, to pull out pages, to bend sheets, etc.

8.8.6 To withdraw cards from card files and catalogs, to break an order in an alphabetic arrangement of catalog cards, to do marks in cards.

8.8.7 Without permission to enter on workplaces of employees and into fund of library.

8.8.8 It is FORBIDDEN to enter into library with other books, newspapers — magazines, separate works and other printing editions, with the cutting tools, glue.

8.8.9 transfer of the library card Is forbidden to someone or use of other library card.

8.8.10 readers are obliged to make thrifty use and keep furniture of library, the technical equipment, audiovisual materials, to be able correctly to use traditional and electronic catalogs. 

  1. Rights of library

9.1 The library of university serves readers according to the Provision on library and Instructions for use.

9.2 The library has the right:

9.2.1 To define the content of professional work of library of a higher educational institution according to the purposes and tasks of libraries.

9.2.2 To regulate a personnel question.

9.2.3 To approve organizational and administrative documents and technological instructions.

9.2.4 To control timely return of literature.

9.2.5 To deprive of a right of use of the readers violating rules of library.

9.2.6 To define support price for the rare, valuable and approved by methodical council of university documents.

9.2.7 The library has the right to determine the market value of the editions lost and damaged by readers which caused damage to fund according to rules of library.

9.2.8 For development of social and creative, economical level of library to expand a range of the rendered services to readers if it doesn’t interfere with service.

9.2.9  To expel from fund documents according to standard and legal acts. 


9.3.1 To be guided in the work as humanistic, political and ideological installations.

9.3.2 To observe a neutrality concerning parties and social movements.

9.3.3 To give to readers opportunity to use all fund of library.

9.3.4 To create necessary conditions for work of readers.

9.3.5 To acquaint readers with all types of the rendered services.

9.3.6 To propagandize fund of library and all types of service, to cultivate interest in books of all students and employees.

9.3.7 To analyze requirements of readers and, whenever possible, to satisfy their inquiries.

9.3.8 To develop library and information service by means of new technologies and with use of new forms of works.

9.3.9 To cultivate to students interest in self-improvement and self-education.

9.3.10 Upon termination of academic year readers are obliged to hand over all taken books to the certain term specified by library and to sign a roundabout leaf. Otherwise the library has the right to claim books according to Instructions for use. The readers who didn’t sign a roundabout leaf in June — July, have no right to use library in September. 

9.4 Library workers are obliged:

9.4.1 To store, keep account and removal from fund of editions according to Position of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

9.4.2 Responsibility during check of fund is born by librarians of this department, they restore loss or replace them equivalent at the cost and the contents, otherwise the sum from an average monthly salary of the librarian keeps at least 30%.