100 best textbooks of the world


      On the 1st July of 2019, the fund of the scientific library has been replenished with 30 new textbooks on the program “Rouhani Zhanhyru.” New textbooks cover a wide range of knowledge in the fields of pedagogy, international law, a theory of literature, world history, internet-psychology, strategic management, marketing, media-and-business communications, diplomacy and art history on the state language.

      Many well-known works have been translated into dozens languages of the world and have contributed to the development of world humanitarian education. The translation and publication of these books on Kazakh is a significant contribution to the development of Kazakh higher education and the strengthening of science. More than 300 specialists  – professors, editors, experienced translators and linguists from leading universities took part in the translation of books. The electronic versions of textbooks are available on the library site and on the portal site – «Open University of Kazakhstan»: http://www. OpenU.kz and www.100kitap.kz.