The round table on a subject: “Tilim menin – oміrіmnіn aynasy”


    On October 16, 2019 the round table on a subject: “Tilim_menin – oміrіmnіn aynasy”, was held within the program Rouhani Zhangiry, at the reading room of the scientific library and the book exhibition was organized.

         This event was attended by teachers of the Chair -Department of Kazakh and Russian languages, library staff, students of the 1 course of the Faculty of Water, Land and Forest Resources.



    Aituarova Aziza, the Director of the Scientific Library addressed her greeting speech to the participants of the round table of this event.
The moderator of this event was Nurelova Mayra, the leading librarian of the department of service.


    Students of the 1st year of the specialty “Water Resources” read poems, quoted great writers. They read poems of their own writing, performed kuis and songs.


     We believe that such energetic, talented youth will never lose respect for our native Kazakh language.

     The round table was significant and informative, for all participants of the event.

    It should be noted that the scientific library have close cooperations with the Department of Kazakh and Russian Languages under the Head of the Department Tebegenova Altynarai.

The Science Library