The Scientific Conference on the theme: The role of youth in the implementation of the strategy “Kazakhstan -2050”.

     On November 28, 2019, the Scientific Library organized the scientific conference on the theme: “The role of Youth in the implementation of the strategy “Kazakhstan-2050”. The event participated by teachers and students of the department “Ecology”, as well as the staff of the Scientific library.
A. Aituarova, the director of the Scientific Library made the welcoming speech. Abatova Zh., moderator of the event, the Head of the Department of Automation made a speech, then students express their opinions.

    The scientific conference was held under the program of the first-year students of the specialty “Ecology”. Students shared their views on each section of the strategy Kazakhstan-2050. The strategy “Kazakhstan-2050” has been translated to 20 languages of the world. Citizens of Great Britain, Bulgaria, Spain, Italy, Germany, Romania, Turkey, France, Croatia, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, China, Korea, Japan, Iran and Saudi Arabia can familiarize themselves with the text of the strategy. Students read an extract from the text of the strategy on Russian, Chinese, English and Turkish.

    The event actively participated by students of the first-year of the specialty “Ecology”: Akhat O., Arshabekova K., Nygymash A., Tolebaeva A., Sagatbek D., Konyrbaeva G., Nurgali N., Orazbek T., Temirbaeva N., Sarsenbay Z., Kairzhanova K., Salimgereeva A., Salaydinova N., Azhireyeva A., Zhanbotakyzy D., Temirgalieva A., Kumet A., as well as organizers – A.Nurkasymova, senior teacher of the department “Kazakh and Russian languages” and Suleymenova K.K., the Head of the Department of the acquisition and organizing catalogs.

    At the end of the event, Abdirakhymov N.A., the senior teacher of the department “Ecology” thanked the organizers – the library staff and participants of the conference. He also said to future ecologists about the key objectives of the strategy “Kazakhstan-2050” for environmental protection and the use of natural resources and the need to improve their knowledge in the library in order to become a qualified specialist.
Akshalova A.B., the Deputy Director of the Scientific Library made the summary result of the scientific conference with the words of the First President N.A. Nazarbayev: “Kazakhstan has a lot of unconquered peaks ahead. The trust of the people raises our spirit and gives us strength along the way. There is nothing higher than this noble goal! ”

Abatova Zh.,
Head of the Department of Automation