New center “Parasat Zholy”

     On April 12, 2021, a new center “Parasat Zholy” have been opened at the scientific library, within the framework of the project: “Adaldyk alany”. It is natural to open such center  as “Parasat Zholy” at libraries, because  the book – is the source of knowledge and mind .

     The future of our youth is very important for us. The center will become a unique platform for attracting students and scientists to work on developing  for effective solutions to counteract corruption.

     Mr. K. Tokushev, the Chairman of the Republican Project Council of the Anti-Corruption Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Sanaly Urpak” visited and got acquainted with the further work of the center.

     The Center has a permanent book exhibition “Parasat zholy-adaldyk zholy”. The purpose of the exhibition is to popularize knowledge about the methods of civil counteraction of corruption.

     At the center will be held various events  on different topics to anti-corruption, honesty, and integrity and also displaying videos, that are posted on the website of the scientific library.

The scientific library