About the library

The total area of the library is 5104,9 sq.m., the area of  book storage – is 1939,95 sq.m., the area of subscriptions – 1225,2, sq.m, total area of reading rooms – 1359,55 sq.m., number of seats in reading rooms – 300.

Readers are served in 4 subscriptions and 5 reading rooms. Subscriptions are located in academic buildings No. 3,4,6 and 10. There are specialized reading rooms: a scientific reading room, a reading room for periodicals, an electronic reading room. 

Since 2014, the reader service department of the scientific library has introduced the work of electronic issuance of educational publications, a card index of readers has been introduced. Electronic issuance is a new modern service that we were able to offer readers thanks to the introduction of the KABIS program.